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Since telephone company deregulation many local phone service customers who are with many of the local service resellers (CLECs) no longer have a source of inside telephone wiring service from their phone company. This means that if they need additional jacks or the inside wiring has a problem, they have to find their own contractor. If their telephone company does do inside wiring, they are significantly more expensive. Also if their phone company does this wiring, they generally do not run wires inside walls but instead wrap wires around the outside of the house. If you can get them to run wires through the walls, the hourly rate is astronomical.

The developer of this website is an electrical engineer who developed his own telephone jack installation business. He could do a better job for less compared to the large phone companies (who do inside wiring service) with high overheads were able to do. He found that there was not a good place for the small independent telephone jack & wiring, repair and installation service company to advertise. The phone books did not have a good listing title and were very expensive. The weekly free newspapers worked, but there were many weeks you paid for where you did not get a response. Then upon getting himself listed with a number of the local Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC), he started receiving phone calls for service in areas he could not service (due to distance). He identified there was a need to have a US Country Wide directory that the CLECs and their customers could use to find contractors in different areas across the US. This directory of contractors could also be used by anyone searching the internet for someone to fix their phone wiring or install a second line or additional jacks.

We introduced our first similar website in 2002 and even our advertisers (independent contractors) are now referring potential customers to it when they are unable to service customers for one reason or another. This new website is similar to our first, except this new site finds contractors by zip code versus our original site by state & city. Each site has its own advantages and disadvantages to users and advertisers both. Where one is better for limiting competition for advertisers, the other is potentially easier for users to find a contractor. The sites also have different search terms and employ different advertising methods on the internet. Depending on the search terms placed in the search engines, this site might come up for one searcher or our original sister site might come up. By having both sites we have more exposure (to be found) on the internet and give our advertisers more visibility.

We hope that you find this telephone contractor directory helpful and our advertisers to be knowledgeable in solving your telephone installation, service and repair needs. Please refer this website to your friends and neighbors as a source to find telephone contractors who are generally less expensive than Ma Bell and generally can do a more thorough job.

Since we 1st published this website in 2003, our company has grown termendously. We now have 7 other online specialty contractor directories, 5 e-commerce websites and we are now just starting to get into affiliate marketing. A list of most all our businesses can be found on our corporate website:  

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