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User's of our website can find a telephone service & installation contractor who serves their area by typing in the zip code of the location where they need service. The software / database will then display an alphabetical list of contractors (and pertinent info to help the users in choosing a contractor) who normally make service calls to that area. The contractors that display are ones whoose distance from the user's specified zip code falls within the contractors specified maximum service distance (Service Area Radius) from their base of operation (radius of circle around contractor's zip code location defines service call area). If no contractors normal service areas are within the distance of the zip code of the location needing work, then the software calculates and displays the closest contractor (and ones within the next 40 miles) to the service location (zip code) specified. Please see our for why we display contractors as outlined above.

For two LISTING EXAMPLES, for an Inside Wiring Contractor who will make a service call to Zip Code 75234 (residential or commercial), then try Zip Code 00601 for Residential service (an extreme example). This will show you both listing examples and the types of selection criteria your customers can see about you.

When business listings are displayed, they are shown alphabetically by Company Name. As you can see by the example above, we can provide the following information about your company to help a potential customer determine who to call:

                                                      Company/Contractor Name
City, State, Zip
Phone1 / Phone2
In Business (how long)
Repairs (prices start at)
New Jacks (prices start at)
Trip / Service Call Charge
Other Services (what else do you offer)
Info (anything else you want to communicate)
Approx. Distance from Searcher's Location (mandatory)

We are Promoting/Advertising this website primarily by getting listed and ranked well by as many search engines as possible. You found us!, so will your future customers. We will also be getting a lot of referral traffic from our sister website which was introduced November 2002. Our sister website is being used by many Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to find inside wiring contractors for their customers. Many other CLECs directly refer the site out to their customers. We personally called many CLECs and informed them about our sister site and we plan to do the same for this site. The CLECs were elated to have such an easy to use tool. Many of our advertising contractors also refer customers to the site when they are busy or it is a job they would rather not get involved with. We are always requesting and obtaining advertising links in related websites. You can see what our advertisers are saying about their success in advertising with us on our testimonials page - all testimonials are unsolicited. You can look at the traffic our website is receiving by selecting the image ('planet' in dark blue square) in the upper left hand corner of our home page or 'clicking' on the counter at the bottom center of any page or by going to: "".

If you are listing with us and you have a website, you can add this free public tracker or similar to the frontpage of your website. This will enable you to see/monitor how much traffic you receive through this site, Note: this tracker only tracks links when the person started on our site and clicked your link directly from the listing displayed on our site. If they typed your website in later or called you, you will not know if they found you from using our site with asking them.

Introductory Special!

FREE**   Initial 9 month Listing

To Advertise with us, fill out the form at the bottom of page
But be sure to read all the info on this page first!

(** $19.95 Initial Set-Up Charge required)

Advertising Rates
Service Area
Yearly Advertising
up to 33 miles $35.00
34-66 miles $41.00
67-99 miles $50.00
100-150 miles $62.00
151-200 miles $79.00
201-250 miles (comm. only) $99.00
251-300 miles (comm. only) $129.00

Some hints and things to think about in determining your Service Area Radius (mileage) and Service Area center Zip Code.

If you do both Residential and Commercial work, you can specify a mileage radius for Residential and a different one for Commercial jobs. Your advertising rate will be based on the greater mileage.

The Service Area Radius is the one-way 'line of sight' or 'as the crow flies' (also called "Greater Circle") maximum distance you are willing to normally travel from your 'home base' location (generally this will be your business address) to a customers location. This radius distance will basically make a circle centered around your 'home base'. The circle defines your normal service area (where you are normally willing to travel). If a potential customer is in this area and they search for you on our website, you will show as a contractor who serves that area.

The mileage our software calculates is determined from the latitude and longitude locations of two zip codes (the customers Zip Code and how far you are willing to travel away from your Zip Code 'home base'). You will find this is how all mileage distance using Zip Codes is calculated on all websites.

When determining what you should enter as a mileage radius, remember you are defining a 'line of sight' or 'air mileage' distance, not a road mileage. If the only way to get to the customer is to go straight south then straight east, the road mileage will be more than the air mileage. What this means is that for some locations at the edge of your maximum radius, your road miles traveled will be further than the 'air mileage' radius you specified.

One suggestion to determine your radius distance is to select the furthest zip code (remember there can be more than 1 zip code in a city) in the furthest city you want to travel to, then use our software calculator to get the mileage. If this is the mileage you use, this will determine your radius (service area) from your 'home base'. You will show up as a contractor for all points North, South, East, West, and in-between for all Zip Codes areas that fall within that radius mileage of your 'home base'. We want you to specify a real distance for your radius which will define your real service area. We don't want you just displaying your name if you never intend to go that far. This is why the greater the distance the more advertising cost. We are assuming that if you can go greater distances you are bigger and have more people working for you who might also be 'home based' in different locations.

As you are thinking about this you have probably said, "I normally travel south and to get calls from jobs the same distance north of me would not be worth my time". As we have stated the service area radius center is generally your business location zip code or 'home base', but we can change the center of the service area circle (and the location of the circle), by specifying a new center with a different zip code. Be careful not to move the center of the circle too far or there could be an area close to you (on one side, N, S, E, or W of you) where you will no longer receive calls because your circle no longer covers this area.

Please experiment with our on different Service Area center Zip Codes and look at the radius of potential customers. We can help you determine the correct Service Area center Zip Code and Radius, just e-mail us and tell us at least 6 of the "outer" circle cities that are important for you to have in your service area.

To advertise with us, please provide the following:

Is this a brand new listing or a update / change to a (current or expired) listing?
  New Listing
Update   Click here for directions on updating your listing

Your Name:  (administration)
Your Address:  (administration)
Your City, State, Zip:  (administration)
Your Phone Number:  (administration)
Your Personal e-mail:  (administration)
Center Zip Code:      See Note 1 below (administration)
Residential job Distance:  (max.) miles       See Note 2 below (administration)
Commercial job Distance:  (max.) miles       See Note 2 below (administration)
Company Name:  (website listing)
Address:  (website listing)
City, State, Zip:  (website listing)
Phone:  (website listing)
Alt. Phone:  (website listing)
Fax:  (website listing)
e-mail address:  (website listing)
web site address:  (website listing)
Residential/Commercial:  (website listing)
In Business:  (website listing)
Technicians (Employees):  (website listing)
Insured:  (website listing)
Repairs:  (website listing)
New Jacks:  (website listing)
Trip or Service Call Charge:  (website listing)
Other Services:  (website listing)
Info:  (website listing)
See Note 3 below

Comments:  (administration)
See Note 4 below
How did you hear about us:  (administration)
See Note 5 below

Note 1:  This is the Zip Code in the center of your Service Area, generally this is your business location Zip Code. See advertising info above for more information.

Note 2:  This is the "line of sight" or "air" mileage you are willing to travel from your "home base". This is also the radius (in miles) of your Service Area circle. You can specify a mileage radius for Residential and a different one for Commercial jobs (advertising rate will be based on the greater mileage). You can use the distance between Zip Codes utility to help you determine an appropriate mileage. See advertising info above for more information.

Note 3:  List any additional information you would like displayed in your listing (80 characters max.).

Note 4:  Use this field to communicate to us any special requests, such as which items (above) you do not want included in your listing.

Note 5:  If applicable, list in the "Additional Info" field a specific Phone Company or Contractor.

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