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Welcome to Phone, we provide listings of U.S. Telephone Contractors who Add, Install, Repair and Service inside telephone wiring, lines, jacks, for your home, Residential or Business phone systems.  Some contractors also repair / install new computer network wiring & TV cable.

Our Telephone Wiring Installation & Repair Contractor listings are searchable by zip code. Upon entering your zip code, you will see companies ( installers / contractors ) that service your area. If none service your area, our site will display the closest telephone servicemen or repairmen to you.

We provide data points so each contractor can convey additional info to help you determine who to select; for more info & tips on selecting a contractor from a list of contractors, scroll down...

To Search for a Contractor, select here, the button below or use the menu.

telephone contractor Find / Search For Contractors residential or business telephone

How to select a Contractor from multiple ones servicing your zip code

Each contractor listing has a variety of data points or fields (line headings) to help you determine who to select / call. The fields available to them are:
             Company/Contractor Name
             City, State, Zip
             In Business:   (how long in years)
             Repairs:   (prices)
             New Jacks:   (prices)
             Trip / Service Call Charge:
             Services:   (what else they offer)
             Info:   (anything else they want to communicate)
             Approx. Distance from your Service Area:

If a field (line heading) is not shown, the contractor did not provide that information or it is not applicable or they did not want it displayed.

Our contractor listings are displayed alphabetically just like a phone book. The contractors that display are ones stating they service your area (they normally travel the distance between your zip code and the zip code they are located in).

Most contractors list the city they are based out of and the last line ("Approx. Distance from your Service Area") of each contractor listing tells you approximately how far they are from your zip code. Note that some contractors charge a travel fee based on how far you are from them, read the "Trip / Service Call Charge:" line heading for more info.

The "Residential/Commercial" field or line heading will state if they service Residential & Commercial (will be displayed as Both) or Residential only, or just Commercial. The "In Business" field will tell you approx. how long they have been in business. The "Employees" field will give you an idea of their size (it is not uncommon in this type of work for contractors to be sole proprietors). "Insured" will indicate whether they carry general liability insurance. "Repairs" & "New Jacks" fields will give you a general idea on their prices; it is always best to call and get a better quote. The "Services" & "Info" fields will tell you more about what they offer and can do.

If you have more than one contractor to select from, use these line headings/fields to narrow down who you want to call!

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Additional Info about our Contractors

Our Contractors do installation & repair of telephone jacks, wiring, phones, and phone systems. We have servicemen who work in both residential and commercial areas. If you need someone to install a jack or need your inside telephone wiring repaired, our advertisers can do it! If you are adding a new phone line and/or need a jack rewired, no problem. Many of our contractors can also install computer network, Cat 5e, Cat 6 wiring & outlets. Many of our commercial installers can sell and install a complete business phone system at your business location; if you already have the system they can install or move it to a new location. If you need changes, adds, or moves within your current office our advertising contractors can do it! Our advertising contractors have other talents, including speaker wiring, home theater installation & set-up, intercom & music systems, fiber optic cable expertise, etc. Each listing in our directory gives you an overview of what each contractor offers to help you narrow down who to call.

We hope that you find our listings helpful in finding a suitable contractor for your particular needs!


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